Monday, June 23, 2014

Overestimation over Underestimation

I would always prefer to overestimate somebody rather than underestimate. Overestimating the person won't blindside you but will diminish time and resources. Underestimating someone can hit you smack in the face and would never see it coming. Typically introverts are underestimated because they are quieter and not noticed as much. Extroverts are noticed more often because they are loud and talkative. When you are underestimated you surprise and when overestimated you disappoint. 

Ultimately Selfish Nature

From deeper thoughts, it always ends up being about ourselves.

When we help others, we feel good about ourselves.
When we ignore others, we feel we are selfish since selfishness is bad and we don't want to be associated with bad things, we decide to help instead.

Both characters are selfish
Life happens to revolve around each other but whatever decision we make will always be about ourselves, whether we decide to do good or bad. Life is about continuously running (from what is bad) and chasing (after what is good). That's why where there's good, there's bad. Where there's pleasure, there's pain.

Everyone continues to talk about what is right and what is wrong but little do they realize or admit that what they mean by right is whatever that is self-beneficial and whatever they mean by wrong is whatever that is self-detrimental.

Just like saying "Please do right". What this actually means at deeper level of consciousness is "I don't care whether you're wrong, just do whatever that is right to me." That is when you see people arguing about justice and fairness for themselves but they will turn a blind eye when injustice happens to others unrelated to them.

Justice and fairness are expected and demanded by everyone. Nevertheless, justice and fairness have always remain very much one-sided. This leads to the question does true love exist?

Collection of Silver Coins

      Any coin made 1965-1969 has 40% silver and coins made 1965 and earlier have 90% silver. The half dollar coins are the best to get as they are the heaviest. There are two options to make money off this. First one is to sell it off eBay and the other is to get it melted by a smelter. You can make 15 dollars using these methods from 50 cents. This is a great site for finding value of coins The next question is where do I get these coins? You can get these coins from auctions check out or you can find companies that have a coin machine and ask for there half dollars. There are probably more clever ways to get these coins but I have not thought of it yet. Metals are valuable and another profitable metal is copper wires.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Thought Controlled Bio-feedback

Bio-feedback is the ability to change physiological activity. The other day I visually thought about drowning and my heart rate was pounding. Force yourself to put a smile on and brainwaves will be transmitted to alter your mood. Being able to control your body like that just seems so powerful and it sure can be a thrill sending adrenaline through my veins. 

True Love a Myth?

Ideally yes, but arguably no.

In the context of "romantic" true love, I believe that two people will feel highly attracted to each other based on a combination of hormones and neurotransmitters that activate their "reward" centers of their brain, leading to feelings of attachment to each other.The level of oxytocin released is proportional to the levels of attachment they have for each other. 

Love is an illusion

I was born I have never seen true love. People do date and they do marry each other but they do that because of their selfish reasons. True love does not exist. Love is and always has been a choice, and the romantic era brought about this idea that love was just some emotion that just came upon you that could not be controlled. So people keep holding on waiting for this perfect true love to come about, when in reality, they just need to decide who they want to love and jump in with both feet.

Why Being a Night Owl is Genetic

A theory I have on why Night Owls can't sleep is that our ancestors had people in the night to watch over and protect the tribe or village while the others were sleeping. The Night Owls would sleep during the daytime when the Early Birds were awake to take care of the village. This has brought me to the conclusion that this may be a genetic rather than it being nurtured into us.

Another theory of mine is that our ancestors may have been from a different timezone but I think this theory is less likely.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Better Realism or Optimism

Optimism is nothing more than false hope and or "Ignorance is bliss". A realistic looks into the situation does everything in there power to obtain the desired outcome. Optimism are too reliant on luck and dream more than take action. Also, pessimism is just plain downright stupid.


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Conquering Fear

I used to be a fearful person but discovered it was irrational thought that grew when I was a child. Taking the first step in fighting your fear is the biggest.

Steps I took to conquer fear of heights:

  1. Learn fear is irrational
  2. Tell myself I don't fear heights
  3. Stand next to ledge with guardrail(baby steps).
  4. Climb a ladder then stand there and look down
  5. When looking far above think of what you are looking at as beautiful
  6. Go on a small roller-coaster, medium and then large
  7. Enjoy life
Now I can't wait to go skydiving!

Steps I took to conquer fear of unknown when closing my eyes before sleeping. 
  1. Acknowledge ghosts and other mythical creatures aren't real
  2. Man up 
Sometimes theirs not much you can do other than man up. Don't let fear be your prison!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Nature vs Nurture

There is no doubt that both Nature vs Nurture play an important role in one's life. However, which one plays the bigger role. I would go 75% Nature and 25% Nurture. The greatest evidence that Nature wins is because if there were two identical twins and are separated there remarkably similar to each other. They typically act the react the same, have many similar likes and dislikes and same habits. Genetics are very power because it is the blueprint of who you are. Nurture play a role of the opportunities that are presented and the experiences that help you with what you want to become.

Power of Observation

Observing is a powerful tool that can change how you look at the world. It can be used to solve problems, equations and answers to life. Sherlock Holmes had that skill and become a brilliant detective. Another example but fictional is the television show House. House is a great doctor because he notices things other people don't notice able to make stories and create theories in his head. Simply noticing a way person has their hair done can tell you what they were doing or will be doing. Also, helpful in deducing if whether or not a person is lying or telling the truth.

Who you Know and Who you blow

A very high amount of the time successful and great people got where they are from people they knew or people they blew(brown-nosing). Who are you more likely going to hire if someone you know recommend his friend or someone else that has just as good as a resume as the other person. It is why you should be friends with everyone. Who knows who they know or where they will get in life. They can open doors for you or close them shut.