Thursday, May 30, 2013

Aborting a Made Choice

Where does life begin? To me life begins when the heart starts beating which is between five and seven weeks of pregnancy and can be detected by an ultrasound. Life has a choice on whether or not it wants to live or die. Life will always choose to live as it has not experienced life and how are we to decide whether or not it wants to live. Also, once two people decide to have sex they are taking the risk of conceiving a child even if you used birth control, using condom or pulling out.
The only two reasons abortion should be allowed is if  the person is raped or the life of mother is at stake. This is allowed because the mother was forced and did not make the choice and you can't exchange one life for another. In addition, incest abortion should not be allowed as they chose to have sex and can keep aborting life if abortion was legal.

My thoughts are not based on religion as I am not religious .

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