Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Student Loan Investing

I have thought about taking out student loans to invest in stocks, bonds, cds and etc... Though it may be illegal the only way to get caught is through a IRS audit which are very rare. Taking out 5,000 dollars in student loans and putting it in a good stock worth 10 dollars a share can be a very good long term investment. Since you don't have to pay back your student loans until you finish college.

 Lets do some math, you can buy 500 shares of a 10 dollar stock with 5,000 dollars. Then say the stock goes up to 15 dollars. 500 x 5=2500 dollars profit made from investing in stock for 4 years. To be honest it really isn't hard to find stocks that will do good in coming years especially if you have money to put in. Also, imagine if you were a law student pulling out loans. Loans will be 50,000 dollars or even much more. There is much greater room for more profit. Seriously who didn't see Google stock would sore but who here could afford many shares? My last thought to my readers is to invest in WEED STOCKS now rather than later. Weed stocks will sore in the coming years!


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