Sunday, February 16, 2014

Full Moon Theories

A full moon theory that I find accurate is the baby births during the full moon. There are more admissions and births during a full moon. Why? Well it could be because the moon controls the tides/water and humans are made up of 75% water. This can cause pregnant woman water to break. In addition, I am a full moon baby. I wonder if there is any psychological effects of being one.

Second theory is people become more crazy and have abnormal behaviors during this time. This one I am not too sure of and still need to look more into but it could be totally possible due to moon controlling water and effecting gravity.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Student Loan Investing

I have thought about taking out student loans to invest in stocks, bonds, cds and etc... Though it may be illegal the only way to get caught is through a IRS audit which are very rare. Taking out 5,000 dollars in student loans and putting it in a good stock worth 10 dollars a share can be a very good long term investment. Since you don't have to pay back your student loans until you finish college.

 Lets do some math, you can buy 500 shares of a 10 dollar stock with 5,000 dollars. Then say the stock goes up to 15 dollars. 500 x 5=2500 dollars profit made from investing in stock for 4 years. To be honest it really isn't hard to find stocks that will do good in coming years especially if you have money to put in. Also, imagine if you were a law student pulling out loans. Loans will be 50,000 dollars or even much more. There is much greater room for more profit. Seriously who didn't see Google stock would sore but who here could afford many shares? My last thought to my readers is to invest in WEED STOCKS now rather than later. Weed stocks will sore in the coming years!

Never Promise Anything

I say never promise anything because you can unintentionally break that promise or circumstances change to where it has to be broken. I usually say I will try my best but no promises. When a promise is broken they will lose trust in you and may cause future problems. 

Muscle Relapse

Alright say you have been working out for a year and your body is in shape/toned. However, when you stop working out for a great amount of time such as six months. Your body will start to cramp up and get Charley Horses for no reason. What I mean is if you never worked out your body in the first place it would not cramp up while doing something random like when you are sleeping. What it could be is your body/muscles relapsing from not being given its drug/workout.

Will Power and Motivation

You could be motivated to workout for health reasons but you must have the willpower to do so. With these two combined at high limits it can push you to success and greatness. First you have to find out what motivates you. More importantly, where does willpower come from? Are you born with traits that promote emotional override(willpower).

Everyone can be motivated but not everyone is motivated the same way. Perhaps willpower comes from past experiences and learning to push yourself or it is doing something to accomplish something greater than yourself.