Sunday, June 22, 2014

True Love a Myth?

Ideally yes, but arguably no.

In the context of "romantic" true love, I believe that two people will feel highly attracted to each other based on a combination of hormones and neurotransmitters that activate their "reward" centers of their brain, leading to feelings of attachment to each other.The level of oxytocin released is proportional to the levels of attachment they have for each other. 

Love is an illusion

I was born I have never seen true love. People do date and they do marry each other but they do that because of their selfish reasons. True love does not exist. Love is and always has been a choice, and the romantic era brought about this idea that love was just some emotion that just came upon you that could not be controlled. So people keep holding on waiting for this perfect true love to come about, when in reality, they just need to decide who they want to love and jump in with both feet.

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