Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Conquering Fear

I used to be a fearful person but discovered it was irrational thought that grew when I was a child. Taking the first step in fighting your fear is the biggest.

Steps I took to conquer fear of heights:

  1. Learn fear is irrational
  2. Tell myself I don't fear heights
  3. Stand next to ledge with guardrail(baby steps).
  4. Climb a ladder then stand there and look down
  5. When looking far above think of what you are looking at as beautiful
  6. Go on a small roller-coaster, medium and then large
  7. Enjoy life
Now I can't wait to go skydiving!

Steps I took to conquer fear of unknown when closing my eyes before sleeping. 
  1. Acknowledge ghosts and other mythical creatures aren't real
  2. Man up 
Sometimes theirs not much you can do other than man up. Don't let fear be your prison!

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