Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wiretapping the Subconscious

Thinking like an introvert has made me come up with techniques of my own to access my subconscious 

  1. The most well known technique is once you wake up, write about your dreams and then to reflect on those dreams
  2. Whenever you forget what you where talking about, use the alphabet system I have thought up of and used
    1. The alphabet system is going through the alphabet real quick thinking of words that can make you remember what you were taking about
  3. Another use for alphabet system can be using it to find what you are subconsciously thinking about
    1. Write the first three letters that come up in your head for each letter of the alphabet
  4. I have also found a way to improve memory using the my method of object visualization 
    1. During the night when its quiet think about objects in your childhood to set a chain reaction to think about other objects 
    2. Pictures may also work but I have not tested it 
  5. Mediating is the last productive way I think of wiretapping your subconscious

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