Monday, April 29, 2013

Describing an Introvert

An introvert is someone that constantly using introspection. Reflecting on ones actions making them better at what they do. Introverts lack trust in people, are self-reliant and not open. We can be quiet if we are not interested in the topic and like to be alone for certain number of hours per day. Usually then there are to many people around we don't feel comfortable and energy feels drained out of us We like to think before we act or say anything. We tend to look at a problem differently than extroverts but this can lead to divide and conquer. Also, there are different levels of introversion and same with extroversion  Some introverts want to spend ten hours a day alone while other introverts want to spend about five hours alone.

People Don't Change

The core of you never changes. You may change your actions, opinions and beliefs but the core of you will remain the same. That inner fire that made you, you is still the same. You were born with it and those experiences that happened at your very early impressionable ages, revealed how your core deals with life are still in play. There perhaps is temporary change though. It is like a person quitting cigarettes for one month or ten months but that person on the 11th month comes back to smoke again for the rest of his life. In the end "You are who you are".

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Wiretapping the Subconscious

Thinking like an introvert has made me come up with techniques of my own to access my subconscious 

  1. The most well known technique is once you wake up, write about your dreams and then to reflect on those dreams
  2. Whenever you forget what you where talking about, use the alphabet system I have thought up of and used
    1. The alphabet system is going through the alphabet real quick thinking of words that can make you remember what you were taking about
  3. Another use for alphabet system can be using it to find what you are subconsciously thinking about
    1. Write the first three letters that come up in your head for each letter of the alphabet
  4. I have also found a way to improve memory using the my method of object visualization 
    1. During the night when its quiet think about objects in your childhood to set a chain reaction to think about other objects 
    2. Pictures may also work but I have not tested it 
  5. Mediating is the last productive way I think of wiretapping your subconscious

How to Deal With Someone Yelling at You

I have always hated getting yelled at when the other person is wrong but I have learned to get over it. I found out a new method to deal with yellers that I tried out the other day. 

The Steps:
  1. Remain calm
  2. Look them in the eye with a stern look and don't blink
  3. Or you can just smile
  4. Don't laugh unless they have been yelling for 30 minutes(bite your tongue to prevent laughing)
  5. Be proud of yourself and stay focused on the things that truly matter in life